Let’s get serious!

Do You want to be a videographer? Do You want to work for a television company as video operator or just make awesome videos on Youtube? Whatever it is, You are in the right place. Today we will talk about what settings do I use when I shoot a video. As I mentioned before I shoot videos with Panasonic FZ-38. It’s not a DSLR camera but it’s advanced enough so I can manually change settings. I never use automatic settings, because that way the video quality is worse. So when I shoot in normal daylight outside I set my camera’s settings like this: shutter – 1/60, f stop 2.8, iso 400. I shoot 30 frames per second 720p.

But what do these settings mean?

Shutter speed determines how long light hits the camera sensor. For example if Your shutter speed is set to 1/60 and You shoot at 30 frames per second that means that light gets to camera sensor for 1/60 of a second each frame. This changes how Your video looks. Faster shutter speed like 1/100 means that the picture will be more sharp. Slower shutter speed like 1/30 means that Your video will be more blurry if it has rapid movement like playing football in it.

F stop or aperture¬†determines how much light gets to the sensor. There is a ring behind camera lens and this setting gives bigger or smaller opening. Lower number like 2.8 means that the opening is wide open and lots of light gets to the sensor. Bigger number like 6.2 means that opening is smaller and less light gets to the sensor. This setting affects depth of field. That means if the F number is small, then the depth of field is shallow and only subject’s head is in focus making the background blurry. If the F number is bigger then also the depth of field will be deeper and in this case both the subject and the background will be in focus.

Iso determines how sensitive the sensor is to light. The smaller the number for example 100 the less sensitive is the sensor making the picture more sharp. In low light You will use bigger ise number which will make sensor more sensitive making the picture brigher but also there will be more grain. So I always make this setting to the lowest possible number.

That’s it for today. These are the settings I use and what they mean. Basically I suggest You never use automatic settings and always set the camera Yourself! Also You can now go out and check these settings for Yourself so next time You will know for sure what settings to use!

My first Youtube video

To be clear, it is my first Youtube video in english. I have made videos before in Latvian. This video only got like 5 views and that’s very bad. Quality is very poor, because I have only built in mic and my friend can’t operate a camera. This is a very good example on how not to make a video. If You have any questions please leave a comment!

First post

This is my first blog post. That is a big deal. Let’s get started!

I want to talk about cameras & stuff. In my time I had more than 5 cameras. My very first camera was Sony DCR HC51. I mean video camera, I had a photo camera before that, but it had an awful video mode. But none of this matters. You can make great videos with Your phone. The most important thing is the content. You can have the most expensive camera, but no one will watch Your videos, if they are boring. So I can give an advice, before You start filming, sit down and think about what are You going to make. Make a script!

Amazing tips & tricks on how to create awesome videos